Sprouted Health Mix1 Kg

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Benefits of Sri Health Mix

  • Best food for weight gain in babies
  • Boosts stamina
  • Combination of healthy dietary sources such as cereals, dry fruits, and pulses gives instant energy
  • Highly beneficial for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Strengthens growing bones

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Sri Nutrition Flour

Sathumavu, Multigrain powder, Mixed Millets Flour, Sirudhaniyam Sathumavu, Healthy mix powder, Millets energy powder, Millets drink, Ragi health mix, Multi Millets powder or traditionally Ragi seri is the one and only incredible Health mix recipe with combinations of perfect proportions of  Millets to make one energy mix powder or Sathu maavu as it’s traditionally known as. The best nutritious First Food given to babies from 6+ months of age after introducing basic solids. The health drink or porridge prepared from Sathumavu Health mix could be aptly consumed by toddlers to adults and old people of 60 years of age.

Health Mix or Sathu Mavu, an Indian Traditional Food for Babies acts as an Immunity Booster and helps Weight Gain. This Health Mix is famous for its benefits world-wide. Sathu means Healthy and Maavu means flour – in Tamil.

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1 review for Sprouted Health Mix1 Kg

  1. Prakash R

    Yout Health flour is really great.
    It provides high energy throughout the day. Our kids love take daily. Thank you for such wonderful products.

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